35000 B.C.Edit

The Aarie species (Moranians, Helmecutes and Sarnisians) leave their home world of Aarie. The reason for the exodus is unknown, however in the Pariph la'Kae it is said they are commanded to leave by the Prophets. On rudimentary ships with fledgling technology, they spend the next thousand years developing the technology to colonize and travel to distant worlds. 

34000 B.C.Edit

The Aarie Alliance continues colonizing worlds all over the galaxy. Ancient Aarie artifacts have been found on dozens of planets. Because of their long life spans their expansion is slow and methodical. It takes them hundreds of years to settle on a planet. During this time Aarie builders begin work on massive monuments and temples on the Planet of Runes. The Aarie religion begins to evolve and solidify and it is during this time the Pariph la'Kae is written.  

32000 B.C.Edit

The Aarie spread to all corners of the galaxy. They use a technology that allows them to instantaneously transport from one point to another. Colonial settlement continues, though instead of building massive cities, the Aarie decide to settle small communities, and allow the settlements to grow on their own. This allows them to establish a foothold on hundreds of worlds without the effort or establishing massive colonies. The Aarie develop a sophisticated communications network to maintain contact between all of their worlds.

31000 B.C.Edit

The Aarie leadership establish the Prophet's Pyramid, a gird coordinate across space which the Aarie see as divinely inspired. Using this coordinate system, the Aarie settle their respective worlds; the Sarnisians on Sarnisia , the Moranians on Eyton , and the Helmecutes on the Helmecute Planet, with the Planet of Runes in the center. More books are added to the Pariph la'Kae

29000 B.C.Edit

Different interpretations of Aarie doctrine cause tension between the three species. Sarnisians destroy a Helmecute temple dedicated to Legamet. In retaliation, Moranians and Helmecutes launch an attack against Sarnisia. They are repelled by massive Sarnisians forces, who manage to push the Moranians back to Eyton. The war, lasting nearly three hundred years, enters a stalemate. The Aarie Alliance makes peace when the Sarnisians agree to allow the reconstruction of the temple.

During the civil war millions were killed, and the population shrunk so significantly the Aarie could no longer maintain control over their vast territory. Evacuations leave thousands of settlements destroyed or abandoned as the Aarie consolidate their resources and people.

26000 B.C.Edit

During the first civil war the once great Aarie communications network was nearly destroyed, leaving the Aarie Alliance with a crippling communication problem. Grudges and tensions from the first civil war, coupled by the lack of communication, reach a fever pitch. There is a three way war for control of the Aarie Alliance, which results in Moranians being hunted to near extinction, while Sarnisians regained control of some of their settlements. The Sarnisians become the dominate species of the Aarie; using Moranians and Helmecute labor to help establish their control.

25000 B.C.Edit

The Power Source is built by the Sarnisian controlled Aarie Alliance. They use the power source to assert their domination of the Moranians and Helmecute ; leaving them technologically inferior and subseptable to Sarnisian command. The purpose of the power source isn't fully known, but it is theorized that Sarnisians were building a gateway that would allow them inter dimensional travel. More books are added to the Pariph la'Kae , and more temples are built on the Planet of Runes.

24500 B.C.Edit

Moranians lead a slave rebellion and launched an attack on Sarnisian holy sites on the Planet of Runes. The uprising carries across the multitude of Aarie settlements and planets. In retaliation the Sarnisians start a campaign to wipe Moranians from existance, and nearly succeed. Helmecutes retreat to their home world and engage in mass suicide to protect the Moranian genocide. Sarnisians, citing divine intervention, stop their genocide of the Moranians just short of their extinction. Sarnisians strip all technology from Helmecutes and Moranians and leave them abandonded on their homeworlds.

21500 B.C.Edit

A new trend of thinking sweeps across the Sarnisian colonies. Sarnisians begin to believe they must repent and cleanse themselves of the dishonor or their ancestors. In this new belief Sarnisians begin to reject technology and interstellar colonization in favor of religious enlightenment.

20000 B.C.Edit

The Sarnisian Ministry recalls all Sarnisians and orders them to return to Sarnisia. Most advance technology is either destroyed or kept hidden from the general population. Those who refuse to abandon technology or off world colonies are hunted down by the Eloth'Naka and cleansed. During this time Sarnisian envoys are sent to Eyton and the Helmecute Planet to offer reparations. The envoy to the Helmecute Planet returns; the envoy to Eyton does not. Sarnisians place small settlements on the Planet of Runes in order to protect and maintain the holy sites. Aside from this, Sarnisians remain on Sarnisia with limited technology.

2000 B.C.Edit

Moranian pilgriams once again start making regular trips to the Planet of Runes. Their contact with Sarnisians is extremely limited, and both species mutually agree not to have extended contact with the other. Tensions rise when Moranian ships attack Sarnisian pilgrims, but as the raids are few and far between, the Sarnisians choose not to start a war. An uneasy peace begins, though official channels of communication are not opened. 

298 B.C.Edit

Queen Catamalina rises to the throne of a small kingdom called The Royal Kingdom of the Zintonieans at the age of eight. Almost immediately she implements a new governmental structure that allows common people to own land. In order to appease local lords and ladies she transformed their roles in government from land owners into an early kind of parliament, where lords could continue to rule until their death, then the people would elect their own leaders. Less than two years after taking the throne the Zintonieans absorbed a neighboring kingdom, and the Zintoniean Empire was officially born.

287 B.C.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire expanded to several neighboring kingdoms. With its increased territory came increased populations, resources military strength, and power. Queen Catamalina decreased taxes on local businesses but increased wage requirements. She also implemented a polices of infrastructural building, import tariffs, and mandatory military service. This allowed the Zintoniean Empire to become an economic powerhouse and absorb even more political rivals. During this time a small rebellion is started by Luko Tam. The Zintoniean military crushes the rebellion and Queen Catamalina personally kills Tam.

275 B.C.Edit

Queen Catamalina dies, leaving behind one of the greatest legacies in the history of the Zintoniean Empire. She is succeeded by her third daughter, Queen Katricsa. Under her leadership the Zintoniean Empire conquers the entire continent of Oliephi through economic dominance and military strength.

33 A.D.Edit

Jesus Christ is executed on Earth, marking the beginning of the Christian faith, which eventually grows to be one of the largest religions on Earth, and a significant minority religion in the Zintoniean Empire

52 A.D.Edit

A terrible plague sweeps through the Zintoniean Empire, killing millions. Doctors are powerless to stop the plague as it ravages the empire. Entire cities die off, and the bodies pile up so fast there is no one to bury them. For over two decades the plague brings the empire to its knees, even making Queen Valous one of its victims. In parts of the empire there is anarchy, as small pockets of civil war sprout up. The Zintonieans are powerless to stop it.

64 A.D.Edit

Trisaliens and Boyie,  both living on the same world, break out into a war. Tensions between the two boiled over when Boyie soldiers razed a Trisalien city to the ground after the Trisaliens refused Boyie orders to move. The Boyie won nearly every battle, forcing the Trisaliens to result to guerrilla tactics. Trisaliens begin to kill indiscriminately, further enraging the Boyie.

79 A.D.Edit

A Zintoniean woman named Sivs claims to have visions sent by a divine goddess called Vesuvi. Through these visions she claims divine authority, and says she is the messenger of the goddess. To prove her claims, Sivs offers a vaccine against the plague, which she says is divinely inspired. Many in the Zintoniean government consider Sivs and her followers to be a threat. War nearly breaks out but is stopped when Sivs and her followers are offered equal representation in the Zintoniean government. She is given the title of Divine Light and the Vesuvian Church is born.

388 A.D.Edit

Early Beta Crune astronomers discover Yu. This discovery will have resounding repercussions on their society. They almost immediately realize they are not alone in the universe, which has a drastic impact on both religious beliefs and scientific exploration.

400 A.D.Edit

Early Alpha Crune astronomers discover Raywill. Like the Beta Crune they realize that life exsists elsewhere in the galaxy which leads to a revolution in technological and scientific exploration. The discovery also has a rippling effect in the governments of early Yu, helping to unify the Alpha Crune people.

477 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire becomes grows to become the largest economy on Zintoniea A. This allows them to outspend and force their will on other nations. Queen Monique limits the spending ability of the Zintoniean monarch, assuring the koffers are not wasted. 

802 A.D.Edit

A Zintoniean World War sees the Zintoniean Empire claim nearly ¾ of the planet. The government is rearranged and expanded in order to accomodate the new territories. A new wave of cultural assimilation takes root, which allow the Zintoniean Empire to conquer and annex others easily. It is during this time that Zintonieans begin to use the Catam for the first time. In order to keep a sustaining peace, individual rights are expanded, but taxes are increased.

823 A.D.Edit

Alpha Crune scientists confirm the existence of cities on Raywill. They begin to petition the government and the people at large for more emphasis on scientific exploration. With this new discovery comes a wind of governmental reforms and philosophical exploration. Intelligent life outside their world is widely accepted, and suddenly, there is a paradigm shift towards interplanetary travel, though the Alpha Crune are generations away from the available technology.

876 A.D.Edit

A world war erupts between the Nicroniean governments. Nearly fifty million are killed. From the ashes come a new, stable world power that quickly establishes control and rebuilds the ruins of civilization. The world government installs several puppet governments to help it maintain control over the population.

910 A.D.Edit

Beta Crune astronomers confirm the existence of an intelligent race on their sister world Yu. The has a unifying effect on the Beta Crune people, and this is a rapid push to develop the technology to communicate with Yu.

914 A.D.Edit

Through the radio, first contact is made between the Alpha and Beta Crune . Both planets erupt in celebration. There is a massive cultural exchange; with languages, information, and innovation being freely shared. Governments of both worlds attempt to contain contact, but private inventors develop their own radios and freely communicate between the worlds. Talk begins of efforts to develop space programs to travel between the planets.

916 A.D.Edit

Through radio communications the Alpha and Beta Crune form a coalition with a shared common goal; develop the technology capable of traveling from one world to the other so physical contact can be made. Both species start air and space programs, freely sharing discoveries and information with one another.

936 A.D.Edit

After the creation of a global currency, as well as several dozen alliances, the Alpha Crune unify under a single world government. Scientific effort are the first priority of the government, as is social reform. The Alpha Crune begin a Renaissance, with huge strides in art, technology, and medicine.

949 A.D.Edit

Nicroniean revolutionaries spark drastic economic, political and societal changes on a global scale. Their goal is to unify all of Nicroniea into an alliance for the good of the people. Their actions marks the first step to a unified Nicroniea. However, not all are willing to change, and small pockets of revolutionaries are arrested or murdered to stop them. This only further incites the people, especially the younger generation, toward governmental change.

969 A.D.Edit

In one final and drastic economic power play and military campaign, Queen Fia leads The Zintoniean Empire in taking control of the entire planet. For the first time Zintoniea A is controlled by a single government. The people are unified, and any terrorists or dissenter are placed under arrest and silenced. All people now call themselves Zintoniean, and the name is adopted for the species at large.

This same year, Alpha Crune and Beta Crune both launch their space programs simultaneously. Using shared data and information they are able to innovate quickly. In a single year they both launch people into space, and even accomplish successful space walks. The Beta Crune even create a small satellite network.

1087 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire begins their space program. They successfully launch an unmanned ship into orbit, and return it to the surface. The empire also begins new educational reforms to emphasize engineering, mathematics, and science. More political power is given to the Vesuvian Church.

1100 A.D.Edit

One hundred and fifty years of peace have brought great prosperity to the governments of Nicroniea. Huge advancements in technology and medicine have increased lifespans and bettered the quality of living. The Nicronieans take advantage of the prosperous times. Signs of climate change are ignored. Winters steadily become more harsh, but the people are slow to adapt.

1130 A.D.Edit

Protests against the Vesuvian Church begin to break out. Citizens are enraged by limitations opposed on those who are not church members. Taxes are funneled to the church coffers, further angering the people. There is no active Divine Light at the time, which helps to create the impression the church is corrupt. Queen Staiya opens a dialogue to start discussing restricting church power. Many see it as political posturing.

1143 A.D.Edit

An attempted coup d'etat of the Zintoniean Empire fails. The Vesuvian Church keeps its power over the government, but declares a war on hunger and begins to support social programs. They successfully buy the peoples' loyalty. While distracted by the political unrest Queen Stayia secures more power for the Monarch .

1144 A.D.Edit

Nicroniea falls into a deep and dark winter. Crops fail and the temperature plummets. Thousands die of starvation and exposure. Snow and ice last well into the summer, and in many places the snow is so deep it buries entire cities, forcing them to be abandoned. The Nicroniean are caught completely unprepared. Governments and people begin to panic, and civil unrest begins to spread.

1157 A.D.Edit

After decades of development and testing Alpha Crune explorers land on Raywill, making physical contact with the Beta Crune for the first time. The moment is celebrated by both worlds, and a new push for interplanetary travel is seen. The Alpha Crune explorers, and the scientists from both worlds who helped, are celebrated as heroes. After a week long first contact the Alpha Crune explorers begin their trip home .

1162 A.D.Edit

Private companies open up free travel between Raywill and Yu. There are many concerns about trading diseases and pathogens, so every ship is quarantined for a week before passengers may disembark. Despite this there is a massive exchange of culture, ideas, foods, and technology.

1166 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire launches a space expedition to the furthest planet in their solar system. It takes nearly four years for the mission to be completed, but opens the door for further Zintoniean deep space exploration. There is a ship in Zintoniean culture toward space travel and colonization.

1171 A.D.Edit

Representatives from the Alpha Crune and Beta Crune meet to begin discussions on unifying their two planets into a singular political entity. There are many special interests and concerns to be address. Mass demonstrations on both worlds are held in support and protest of the unified government. Despite this progress is fairly quick.

1175 A.D.Edit

After a short four years the Crune finalize their agreement, and unify the governments. The Crune Federation is born. Celebrations are widespread on Yu and Raywill . The economies of both planets explode and a new era of prosperity begins.

1189 A.D.Edit

Increased government authority and taxes in the Zintoniean Empire lead to an economic depression. Businesses close, cost of living sky rockets, as does unemployment. Public outcry against the government sparks massive protests. In an effort to curb the economic depression the government places stricter guidelines on trade and banking. It has the opposite effect, worsening the economy.

During this same time under new leadership, the Crune Federation turns its attention to societal advancement. A high standard is adopted across the Federation, requiring most school and hospitals to be overhauled. Buildings, roads, and emergency services are also given sweeping upgrades. New standards require more certifications for doctors, lawyers, and teachers. Meanwhile the military is given second hand technology and equipment, most of which is in disrepair.

1201 A.D.Edit

After more than a decade of social reform and infrastructural development, the Crune Federation changes their focus to more technological and scientific exploration. Their immediate goal is to develop ships capable of interstellar travel. Private companies are encouraged to research and develop by means of subsidies. Schools require students to undergo more math and science classes.

The Great Ice Age ends on Nicroniea. Nicronieans who were forced to migrate closer to the equater begin to retake lands from retreating icefields. The governments of Nicroniea, who were forced to band together in order to survive, continue with their peace treaties. Although millions starved or died of exposure, Nicronieans continued to developed culturally and scientifically. The ice age also helped them to develope the resources and technology needed to survive in extream enviorments. Nicroniean farm land become more fertile than ever, helping to boost their economy. 

1202 A.D.Edit

After surviving a crippling depression, Queen Agyn leads the Zintoniean Empire into a new industrial revolution, bringing it from the brink of economic collapse and civil war. The recovery is slow but steady, as jobs and living standards begin to increase. New industries give the Zintoniean Empire the resources possible to start rejuvenating its space program.

1233 A.D.Edit

Crune scientists invent faster than light travel. Their first test is an overwhelming success and celebrated across the Crune Federation. Several more tests are made before a manned mission is launched. Crune military leaders exploit the new discovery to begin development of a state-of-the-art space navy.

1239 A.D.Edit

The Crune Federation launches the first manned FTL exploration ship. It leaves the solar system on a ten year mission to a far away system where it might be possible to begin colonization of a small moon. In total there are nearly five dozen passengers, including four families. The mission is the first of many deep space exploration programs.

1250 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire begins a public policy to promote the settlement of another planet in their solar system. The quickly gain public support for the mission, and plans are made to begin an off world colony. Thousands volunteer to be the first colonists. The Zintoniean military is elected to lead the mission, despite bid for contracts from several corporations and private investment groups.

1255 A.D.Edit

Having taken sevral years longer than expected, The Crune Federation begins the first colony on a world outside of their solar system. The colony survives by building domes to live in and growing their own food. They immediately establish a nursery to encourage a new generation of explorers, and a shipyard so they might build their own transports and continue expansion into space. The Crune launch a fleet of military and civilians ships to the colony to establish support and supply lines.

1257 A.D.Edit

Using technological breakthroughs they gained during The Great Ice Age, Nicronieans launch their space program with the full backing of sevral powerful governments. They have more scientific breakthrough and technological inovations in the next fifteen year than in the pervious three hundred. Nicronieans put their full backing into space travel and exploration. 

1260 A.D.Edit

The first batch of Crune civilians land on the new colony world. They are escorted by the Crune military, which quickly establishes a presence. A civilian Beta Crune named Goriuh Nokieiak resists military control, demanding the military be subject to civilian control. They hesitantly comply.

1267 A.D.Edit

The Crune Federation attempts to impose its will on the new colony through taxes and limitations on their freedoms. Goriuh Nokieiak leads a group of protesters. The resistance overruns a military supply ship and the civilians become armed. In order to quell the hostility the Federation dissolves all taxes. This angers the people of Yu and Raywill who feel it is unfair that the colony gets special treatment. The Federation begins to lose power over the people. It orders Crune military ships to take formation at strategic points throughout the solar system.

1271 A.D.Edit

Zintoniean scientists land on Zintoniea B and establish a research facility. They live there successfully until a second batch of scientists comes to relieve them. This process continues for several years, slowly growing the colony. The Zintoniean Empire offers incentives to companies to help build a permanent civilian colony on the planet.

1275 A.D.Edit

Crune political activists launch a large scare protect outside of a Federation building. Their demands are varied; less military involvement in government, fewer taxes, more rights for colonists, less government oversight, among others. These protests last for nearly five months, sparking other protests across Crune territory. Arrests reach an all time high.

1276 A.D.Edit

As a compromise, the Crune Federation hands power over to several prominent Crune families and business leaders. Crune people rise against some of the new laws, and small acts of terrorism ripple through Crune territories. In the chaos there is an unclear precedent on who has political authority. Taking advantage of the chaos, prominent political families arrest rivals and pass laws that benefit them directly.

1286 A.D.Edit

The first colony ship arrives on Zintoniea B. The colony is officially made part of the Zintoniean Empire with full rights, privileges, and responsibility. The colonists build settlements to grow their own food, and facilities to support a growing population. They send expeditions across the planet to further explore all of Zintoniea B. Some of these expeditions establish smaller permanent settlements.

1287 A.D.Edit

The Crune Federation loses more political power to the Crune Aristocracy Wealthy family use their power and influence to pass laws granting them a place in the central government. They also use their vast wealth to establish law and order in more of the chaotic parts of Crune territory, something the government seems incapable of doing. More Crune citizens see the Federation as corrupt, while the Aristocracy slowly gains favorability.

1289 A.D.Edit

Using Aristocrat money, Crune civilians establish a colony on Wvmm. They claim allegiance to the Crune Aristocracy and refuse to allow a Crune Federation ship to land on the planet. The Federation finds themselves powerless to stop the civilians from expanding their colony. The gather military forces in preparation for a strike on the colony.

1290 A.D.Edit

The Nicroniean space program lands ships on three planets in their solar system. This is part of a joint effort to expand control of the system while exploring technology and scientific efforts. The Nicronieans see this as a huge advancement and order two space stations to be built.

On Zintoniea B there is an increased population of Zintonieans that have never been to Zintoniea A. The Zintoniean Empire has difficulty in exercising political control over the planet, despite efforts toward equality and fair representation. Queen Ivet becomes the first monarch to travel off world when she travels to Zintoniea B in a gesture of solidarity.

The Crune Federation backs down from its military build up on Wvmm. The colony supported by the Crune Aristocracy begins to solidify its control on the planet.

1296 A.D.Edit

37 transport ships carrying Centauri Crune land on the planet Empth and begin a settlement. The ships, along with most of the technology and all of the historical records, are destroyed without any explanation. The Centauri Crune claim Empth as their new home world and start as an industrial civilization. They forbid any records or accounts, written or otherwise, to be kept about where they came from or why they left. The ships are either dismantled, destroyed, lost, or recycled.

1301 A.D.Edit

Crune Federation officials debate the matter of Wvmm. The Federation loses more political power by agreeing to allow full control of the planet to be taken by the Aristocracy. The Aristocracy consolidates power and encourages the citizens of Wvmm to expand their settlements. The economy of the planet booms, and the Aristocracy is given official governing power. Seven wealthy families declare themselves the rulers of Wvmm.

1302 A.D.Edit

A Crune Aristocrat hires private military contractors to launch an attack against a Crune Federation target. The attack sparks massive demonstrations both for and against the competing governments. The Crune Federation panics and declares martial law. Dozens of civilians are killed in clashes with the military.

1303 A.D.Edit

The Crune Federation declares war on seventeen powerful and wealthy Crune families. The Aristocrats spin the declaration as a personal attack on all Crune people. Differences in fundamentals divide the Crune people and civilians begin taking sides. The Aristocracy raises an army; partially from military contractors, and partly from civilian militias. The Crune Federation responds with their own military forces. Civil War breaks out.

1304 A.D.Edit

Zintoniean civilians on Zintoniea B start their own provincial government lead by a Duke and an elected Parliament. It's goal is to better facilitate the task of governing the people and representing them to the Ztintoniean Empire as a whole. Critics call it pandering to a minority, but overall it is well received by the Zintoniean people.

1317 A.D.Edit

Fourteen years of civil war has left the Crune ravaged and destroyed. Famine breaks out across Aristocrat forces as Federation forces bomb their cities from space. Millions have been killed in the fighting, which seems to be locked in a perpetual stalemate. Federation forced prepare for a large scare invasion of Wvmm

1320 A.D.Edit

To escape the fighting Crune civilians flee to a new settlement on Kegin. They find themselves on an unfamiliar planet with little or no supplies. Refugee camps serve as colonies, and each day more civilians flee to Kegin in hopes of finding protection. The camps quickly overfill. Disease and starvation runs rampant, and thousands die. In some camps Crune are forced into cannibalism in order to survive.

1324 A.D.Edit

Crune Federation ships bombard a city with Aristocrat forces. Thousands of civilians are killed and the city is reduced to ruble. The Aristocrats use the attack as propaganda to sway support to their cause. Additionally they promote better welfare and send aid to the refugee camps on Kegin. The Federation loses more support, and some members of the military refuse to continue fighting.

1327 A.D.Edit

Representatives from the Crune Aristocracy begins cease fire talks with what remains of the Crune Federation. Terms are agreed on and the Aristocracy retains most of its political power, while the Crune Federation government is allowed to continue existing with severely limited power. Those in the federation who do not agree to the terms are quietly assassinated or simply disappear. The Crune Federation has no choice but to agree to the terms.

1331 A.D.Edit

Twenty eight years after the Crune Civil War began, it ends as power is quietly handed over to the Aristocracy. Rebuilding is slow because most infrastructure was destroyed during the war. Most of the Crune Aristocracy no longer have the wealth they once had, and are forced to begin borrowing from banks. Taxes are intentionally kept low to give people the opportunity to rebuild on their own. The Aristocracy elects to keep the military in place to help consolidate their victory. Over the course of the civil war nearly a billion Crune were killed.

1350 A.D.Edit

Nicroniean scientists discover faster than light travel. They begin experimenting with the technology, sending probes and unmanned craft beyond their solar system and back. Because of poor government management the technology does not become widely used for another sixty years.

The Centauri Crune expand their control of Empth by establishing the first city on a different continent from where the originally landed. Centauri Crune are slow to make progress and slow to adapt, which hinders their technological development but has a unifying effect on the species at large.

1351 A.D.Edit

The debts from the Crune Civil War continue to eat away at the treasury of the Crune Aristocracy. In order to stimulate the economy the Aristocracy allows business to expand without limitation for ten years. The population explodes, as does tax revenue. During this time the military falls into a state of disrepair as the government ships their focus toward social programs.

1361 A.D.Edit

The Crune government limits business expansion and imposes new regulations and tax laws. The market begins to stabilize and the debts from the war are either paid, forgiven, or written of. Over the past ten ears industry and the economy boomed, which created enough jobs for the next generation of Crune. The Aristocracy turns their attention to education and healthcare, and also begins policies enabling the Crune to expand to other planets, in particular, the already colonized Kegin.

1372 A.D.Edit

Zintoniea B’s population grows to nearly one million. Most of its inhabitants are native to the planet and have little connection with their home world. However, the Zintoniean Empire remains stable.

1379 A.D.Edit

The Crune begins to aggressively expand into space and settle other worlds. They turn their attention to the planet Kegin. However, the population wishes to remain independent. Riots break out across the planet, and Crune Empire Aristocracy buildings are vandalized.

1384 A.D.Edit

Crune troops are ordered to contain riots on Kegin. The civilian population is further enflamed by a military presence. In an effort to smooth tensions the Crune Aristocracy sends two supply ships with aid. The ships are turned back and the supplies are not taken. The Crune Aristocracy decides to retract most of its military and police, but leaves behind a small contingent to contain the population.

1388 A.D.Edit

With a public vote the Nicroniean world governments unified into a single political entity; The Nicroniean People’s Union. Taxes are increased to support more space exploration. The military's role is also expanded. More space stations are built to help facilitate deep space exploration.

1390 A.D.Edit

There are political movements on Zintoniea B to seek independence. The movements are small at first but steadily grow. Because the planet has a significant population that have never traveled offworld, they do not share many ideological ties to Zintoniea A. The people on Zintoniea A see the settlements on Zintoniea B as an investment, and largely do not support independence.

1391 A.D.Edit

Crune forces on Kegin are seen as an occupational army. Hit and run attacks are carried out on government troops and contractors. The Crune Aristocracy orders a full pullout in order to curb the bloodshed. Supplies are cut off to the planet. The people, although impoverished, manage to build and thrive without government support. Crune leaders send negotiators to discuss annexation. The negotiations fail, and the Crune Aristocracy leaves the planet.

1396 A.D.Edit

An Aplha Crune Kegin citizen named Argoz ignites the population with powerful pro-aristocracy speeches and a series of debates. He gains a political following. His influence builds after a failed assassination attempt by a pro-independent sympathizer.

1398 A.D.Edit

Riots break out on Zintoniea B after a government building is bombed, killing nearly a thousand people. Militia forces are called in, and the Zintoniean Empire stations several ships in orbit in preparation for a strike. The people of Zintoniea B get ready for a war, but talks between representative defuse the situation.

1401 A.D.Edit

Argoz is assassinated. Sympathizers turn out in droves. Seeing an opportunity the Cruen Aristocracy begins supply runs to Kegin. The people, seeking stability and safety, vote for annexation, and Kegin is annexed into the Crune government.

1402 A.D.Edit

On Empth, Centauri Crune scientists launch a probe into orbit. It begins an internal controversy of whether they should pursue a space program or not. Most of the population is against space exploration, fearing they might attract the attention of whatever their ancestors were running from. Others insist a healthy space program is necessary for the longevity of the species.

Zintoniea B declares war on Zintoniea A a small fleet of "B" ships attacks the Imperial Navy. Although outnumber the "B" ships destroy several larger Imperial ships, and manage to slip away without suffering huge losses. On the ground "B" infantry units are crushed by the air superiority of the Imperial military. Thousands die in the first few weeks of fighting. The Zintoniean Civil War, which originally looked to be over in a matter of week, begins to drag out into an extended military conflict.

1409 A.D.Edit

An artistic and scientific revolution begins in the Crune Empire. This is partially due to an increased effort towards art and science education. The Crune begin to actively seek new planets to establish colonies on. There is a massive boom in population and many pioneers leave the core worlds for simpler lives in the fringes of space.

1414 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Civil War ends with Zintoniea A’s victory. Zintoniea B is returned to colonial status but many reformations and changes are made to better represent their interests in the government. In an effort to quickly repair relations, the government spends massive amounts on rebuilding destroyed infrastructure.

1429 A.D.Edit

The Nicroniean government supports operations to explore uncharted space. Science ships leave in droves. This period is sometimes referred to as the Nicroniean Exodus. Nearly one in every three people leaves on a ship for deep space. Many do not find anything and return. Others make big discoveries and advances in exploration. However, a small fraction of ships are lost and never heard from again.

1434 A.D.Edit

The Crune establish a new colony on Nky. In order to give incentives to colonize, the Crune Aristocracy passes a law that allows free transport and settlement to anyone under a certain income level, but with technical qualifications. As a result many jobless laborers, engineers, and other craft-minded Crune settle the new planet. It quickly becomes a technological hub.

1440 A.D.Edit

A lab accident releases a bio engineered disease on Yu called Blue Tears. The disease only effects Alpha Crune, causing them to cry blood from their eyes so profusely they either bleed out, or become susceptible to other illnesses. Blue Tears spreads through the population and the entire planet is quarantined. Panic runs amok through the Crune Empire.

1442 A.D.Edit

Blue Tears somehow spreads off world, infecting other colonies. Millions of Alpha Crune are infected, and most die from the disease. Ships are quarantined, and bodies are burned to help prevent its spread. The Crune Aristocracy is powerless to stop the disease. More panic follows as the death toll rises. Beta Crune, who are naturally immune to the plague, do what they can to help prevent its spread.

1447 A.D.Edit

The Centauri Crune government attempts to start a space program once more, but progress is marred by public outcry. The program is abandoned. Instead exploration of Empth’s oceans and subterranean caverns is expanded. Centauri Crune start construction on massive underground cities. The government sells the program to the public by claiming they are a great place to hide if their planet is ever invaded, however the true intent is to build and test space ships.

1450 A.D.Edit

After ten years the Blue Tears outbreak subsides due to efforts to contain the plague, primarily by Beta Crune doctors and officials. The final death toll is measured at two billion. Conspiracy theories about the disease begin to take root. The Aristocracy covers up evidence of the disease's origin.

1467 A.D.Edit

Zintoniean scientists launch the first successful faster than light ship. The technology allows them to leave their solar system for the first time. The Zintoniean Empire launches nearly one hundred unmanned probes with faster than light capabilities.

1471 A.D.Edit

The Nicronieans settle the planet Mahana. The colony is entirely self supporting, and despite petitions from hundreds of thousands of people, immigration is limited to a few hundred colonists, in order to encourage the population growth from to come from within, and not outside immigration. The first children are born soon thereafter.

1491 A.D.Edit

Zintonieans explore the first solar system outside their own. Military and civilian science ships begin mapping the system, and start building a space station to act as a depot. The government supports policies to expand the Zintoniean Empire to more planets. Zintonieans begin aggressive exploration for suitable worlds to colonize.

1507 A.D.Edit

Two Zintoniean and Nicroniean military ships make contact. At first there is confusing, each thinking the other is a member of their own species. But when it is realized that first contact has been made, both governments and quick to set up diplomatic relations. Queen Winhiu of the Zintoniean Empire personally leads a diplomatic delegation to Nicroniea.

1509 A.D.Edit

A Crune political splinter faction calling themselves the Noble Party gains support in the Aristocracy. Though back room deals and buying off other politicians they are able to pass laws that benefit them directly. For the most part the Crune people are unaware of this new party, still reeling from the Blue Tears plague fifty years before.

1510 A.D.Edit

Noble Party leaders protest the Crune Aristocracy by stalling official meetings. The Aristocracy is not sure how to handle the Nobel Party, as they make very few official demands. Publicly they are seen as nothing more than an annoyance; a group who's sole purpose is to be disruptive. However, Nobel party leaders managed to secretly amass large amounts of money in a very short time.

1511 A.D.Edit

On Empth, Centauri Crune public opinion turns even harder against technological evolution. Many fear that for whatever reason their ancestors landed on the planet, technology would bring back the previous dangers. There is a grassroot movement to forgo many technological advances. Over the next year there are hundreds of public debates on the morality and application of advanced technology. Meanwhile, underground cities continue to be a safe haven for innovative minds.

1512 A.D.Edit

The Nicroniean government attempts to interfere with Zintoniean efforts to explore a new solar system. The Zintoniean Empire hastily builds three space stations and a military outpost on a moon in the system. Nicronieans respond by sending twelve military ships through the system, challenging Zintoniean control.

1513 A.D.Edit

Crune Noble Party leaders are arrested by the government on corruption charges. The public is sharply divided by the arrests; with some in favor of cleaning up government corruption, while other claim it is a nothing more than a rouse to eliminate political enemies. While in prison the Nobel Party leaders stage a hunger strike. This further inflames political tensions. The Nobel party leaders break their hunger strike when they are allowed to write letters out of prison. These letters would help build and organize their supporters on the outside.

1514 A.D.Edit

Queen Amara rises to the throne of the Zintoniean Empire and quickly declares war on the Nicroniean People’s Union. Conflict does not break out for some time later, but confusion in military ranks as well as a series of conflicting orders enables Nicroniean ships to strike unprepared Zintoniean targets. Hundreds are killed by what amounts to a communications error. Queen Amara is blamed for mishandling the military.

1518 A.D.Edit

After much debate the Crune political prisoners are released. The Noble Party gains more supporters and funding for their cause. They quickly rally millions to their side, and advocate for the disbandment of the Crune Aristocracy. Aristocrat forces respond with powerful economic sanctions that benefit their supporters. The population is divided.

1520 A.D.Edit

The War of First Contact war ends with the Zintonieans suffering a crushing defeat. They lose two of their colonies, as well as claim to several military outposts. Unexpectedly, the war has great economical benefits for the Zintonieans who are able to increase mass production, and consolidate their economy and military. The Nicronieans, although victorious, have difficulty rebuilding their infrastructure. Their economy begins to show signs of a recession.

1521 A.D.Edit

In what is called the Frozen Day, Crune civilians, military leaders and political activists supporting the Aristocracy launch a multi pronged attack on Noble Party members. Dozens are killed across the {Crune Empire|Empire]] and thousands more are wounded in the violence. The Noble Party quickly loses support and crumbles. The Aristocracy cements its control on the empire by passing laws that prevent citizens from forming secondary political parties that do no contain members of the Aristocracy. Although there is mass protest against these actions, there is little the Crune people can do to prevent it.

1525 A.D.Edit

On their home world, Boyie and Trisaliens break out into another global war. Boyie kill Trisaliens en mass, bombing entire cities and wiping out the entire population. The Trisaliens fight back by creating several dozen execution camps. The war ravages both governments, with neither having full control over military forces. This allows armies to kill indiscriminately.

1528 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire settles two colonies on two separate planets. A massive military and civilian co-venture on Invet, and small civilian colonies on Berinu Sea. Both planets have some initial trouble at first, but stabalize and soon become highly productive.

1564 A.D.Edit

Zintoniean and Nicroniean government officials begin talks of a trade agreement. The talks quickly evolve into a combined economy, with each government acting independently, but with joined economic efforts. Protest by the peoples of both governments slow the talks, however, as trade between private businesses grow, more people began to support the initiative.

Nine years after it began, the Trisalien Boyie world war comes to an end. With millions dead on both sides, and most cities in ruins, it is the costliest war in their history.

1575 A.D.Edit

The economies of the Zintoniean Empire and Nicroniean People’s Union are centralized. The two political entities become interdependent. Trade agreements and economic rules pave the way for conjoined businesses. Cross immigration begins to grow, and language immersion is commonplace. Nicronieans begin to settle on Zintoniean planet, while Zintonieans settle on Nicroniean worlds.

1586 A.D.Edit

The Crune Empire under the control of the Aristocracy begins an exploration campaign. They commission a fleet of exploration ships to set out and map space. Their ultimate goal is to create find and settle a world for the wealth, and use it as a governing capitol. The cost of supporting deep space exploration puts a strain on the Aristocracy's funds.

1598 A.D.Edit

Nicroniea is annexed into the Zintoniean Empire. The cultures absorb one another and become a unified government. As part of an annexation agreement, the Nicroniean language Tawk becomes the standard language of the Zintoniean Empire, with all schools required to teach it, and all government documents required to be published in it.

1600 A.D.Edit

Because of the cost, Crune exploration ships are recalled. Although the ships found many suitable planets for potential colonization, the Crune Aristocracy begins to find difficulty in maintaining its economic influence. They begin to borrow money to keep funding a stable military and infrastructure. Some Crune Aristocrats become impoverished in everything but name.

1609 A.D.Edit

With the limitations of FTL drives the Zintoniean Empire elects to stop all expansion and consolidates their influence on currently inhabited worlds. Populations begin to rise across the Empire.

The Crune Aristocracy begins its economic recovery. They are able to invest and pay off debts. However, space exploration falls to a near standstill. Private organizations begin to grow in wealth and influence, causing some tension with the Aristocracy.

1622 A.D.Edit

Crune Scientists learn of new ways to refine special materials. This leads to a revelation in metallurgy, and helps to kick start the use of super fluids as a means of generating energy. Seeing the vast potential of the technology, the Aristocracy passes laws to strictly regulate the technology. This allows them to take kick backs and help offset some of their existing debts.

1643 A.D.Edit

After nearly a generation the Zintoniean Empire restarts its space exploration programs. Smaller fleets of ships are sent on shorter missions to identify potential new planets to colonize. They find many new world, but opt not to begin any new colonies. Instead, the finalize efforts to annex already existing colonies into the Empire. However, the empire does build several dozen deep space refueling stations to better facilitate deep space travel and trade.

1647 A.D.Edit

Millions of Crune students protest government regulations of energy consumption. The protests are wide spread in most major cities across the Crune Empire. The Crune Aristocracy calls in police and military forces to contain the riots. Meanwhile private industries use public influence to help develop new technology outside of government regulation. After almost a year of protests the Aristocracy finally loosens some regulations, but not enough to make a significant impact on the energy industry. However, it is enough to appease most people, and protests dissolve.

1650 A.D.Edit

Millione King Reqoronoalax founds the city-state of Brises. Although not the first of its kind on Gnat, it is the first to have written laws, fortified walls, an aqueduct system, public bathhouses, and massive temples. It is the most advanced city on the planet, and King Reqoronoalax builds a science academy and a library using his own personal fortune. Just prior to his death the king outlawed slavery, making it one of the first free city states on Gnat.

1671 A.D.Edit

Another war breaks out between the Boyie and Trisaliens. Although the war only lasts for eight months, nearly one million are killed, mostly civilians. The two sides agree on a cease fire treaty, with a complicated boarder system being drawn across their world. Disease and famine spread across their world, killing even more, and weakening the stability of the treaty. Raids across the boarders to steal food or medical supplies become commonplace.

1682 A.D.Edit

In an effort to undermine the growing power of business leaders, the Crune Aristocracy starts to create a series of laws to increase taxes and regulations on businesses. Manipulating the Crune people, they promise higher wages and fewer work hours to gain support. Crune corporations fight back by exploiting loopholes to avoid taxes, and by hiring fewer workers. The Crune Aristocracy takes a percentage of the taxes, and hires illicit groups to blackmail and extort uncooperative business leaders.

1686 A.D.Edit

Crune businesses are blamed for record deficits. The Aristocracy discretely passes more laws that give them direct economic control. They outlaw mass assembly unless a large fee is paid and the assembly is approved, effectively stopping the people's ability to protest. Economic woes worsen.

A planet wide drought strikes Zintoniea A. The Zintoniean Empire is quick to respond with relief. It is the first ever interplanetary relief effort on a massive scale.

1690 A.D.Edit

The Crune Empire's market collapses. Thousands of businesses fail and declare bankruptcy. Unemployment across the Empire, especially on Yu and Raywill, skyrockets. There is mass exodus to the outer colony worlds where work is somewhat easier to find. Debt skyrockets and several prominent banks collapse. The Aristocracy is also effected, unable to exercise the same economic and military dominance as before. Although most the families of the Aristocracy are unaffected by the economic woes, their power is severely diminished.

1697 A.D.Edit

With no one else left to blame, the Crune Aristocracy comes under harsh criticism from the people. Though illegal, protesters gather in droves. The military is called to deal with widespread dissension. In the chaos hundreds of civilians are killed, and thousands more are placed under arrest. The Aristocracy attempts to buy off the people with food and other relief. It works in some cities, but further enrages the people in others.

1700 A.D.Edit

The Boyie and Trisaliens begin a space race. Triasliens attempt to launch military weapons into space, but their program suffers from huge setbacks. Meanwhile the Boyie turn all resources available toward their space program, which advances in leaps and bound. Meanwhile their population is starving.

1702 A.D.Edit

Two Crune government officials are assassinated for their support of the Aristocracy's tax system. In retaliation the Aristocracy orders the arrest of several prominent civilian figureheads. The civilians fight back, engaging in skirmishes with police and military forces. Most are killed in the firefights, and those who survive are arrested and sentenced to death. This spurs another series of mass protests across the Crune Empire, which in turn lead to more clashes between the people and the military. Discouraged by their own actions, several leading Crune military commanders resign.

1703 A.D.Edit

Admitting defeat the Crune Aristocracy begins to release some of its political prisoners and turn over some of the laws passes against businesses. As a sign of good faith, civilian leaders are allowed to organize protests and open forums to discuss peaceful terms to end the economic depression and violence. The Aristocracy agrees to surrender huge sums of money to alleviate the people's suffering. They also agree to small loans to help businesses back on their feet.

1704 A.D.Edit

The Crune Aristocracy passes laws that prohibit businesses from growing beyond a certain point, thereby solidifying their economic influence by cutting out any competition. To appease the people they encourage smaller, community based business in order to help fight off the staggering unemployment. Tensions across the Crune Empire begin to ease.

1710 A.D.Edit

Trisaliens crash one of their satellites into a Boyie satellite. The debris also damages another Boyie satellite, effectively setting them back five years. The Boyie demand reparations which go unpaid.

In the Zintoniean Empire Queen Magdieen is assassinated for her support to lower taxes and decrease social spending.

1744 A.D.Edit

Economically stable for the first time in generations, the Crune Empire begins to establish a colony on Vinalax. The colony is small and must regularly be supported with supply and relief ships, but the effort is marked as the official end to the great Crune depression.

1761 A.D.Edit

Trisaliens and Boyie engage in a secret space war. Astronauts from both species aim to disrupt and intervene in the the others' space program. This includes covert operations to destroy testing and development facilities, sabotage of rockets, and even space walks to disable or destroy satellites.

The Zintoniean military begins a massive overhaul of its military space and sea program. They engage in anti piracy and smuggling operations, and expand their role as a force for scientific exploration. Most military operations begin to take on the role of a deep space police force, rather than a formal military.

1769 A.D.Edit

Crune scientists unlock the key to COIL technology. They begin work on stabilizing a COIL conduit. The Aristocracy is quick to regulate patents on the work, ensuring they have control of COIL development.

1776 A.D.Edit

The Crune launch their first COIL ship. The ship is an utter catastrophe, first unable to form a stable COIL connduit, then destroying itself during an attempted jump. No test pilots were killed during the incident, but the monetary impact is significant, and sets back the development of the Crune COIL program.

The United States of America on Earth declares independence admits a violent rebellion. The U.S.A. will eventually evolve into one of the planet's leading super powers, and later lead the Annex Powers

1780 A.D.Edit

Boyie and Trisalien scientists discover faster than light technology in a rare joint scientific venture. The breakthrough causes deep divisions within the planet's political structure, and extremists on both sides use the discovery to rally others to their cause. Politicians encourage scientists to slow down their research until political stability is achieved, going as far as to cut funding to research and development. However, Boyie scientists and engineers secretly begin construction of an FTL ship.

1788 A.D.Edit

For the first time in 79 years the Zintoniean Empire establishes a new colony. Millions of potential colonists volunteer to live on the settlement, but the Zintoniean government only allows 10,000 settlers. The colony has a rocky start with two fatal accidents followed by severe weather, which destroyed many settlements. The Zintoniean Empire responds with military relief and support.

1790 A.D.Edit

Boyie scientists, who had spent the last ten years developing a secret FTL ship, are discovered when they test the ship. This sparks a swarm of outrage from Trisalien diplomats, you feel they have been lied to. The Trisaliens support a secret mission to destroy the ship, which is successful. The Boyie retaliate and attack Trisalien military target. A world war quickly breaks out.

1791 A.D.Edit

The Crune Empire launches a fleet of COIL capable science and exploration ships. Their goal is to find more planets to settle, and expand their influence across the galaxy. The Crune also wish to advance interplanetary technology in hopes of strengthening their military. A critical minority of citizens launch protests against the influx of COIL ships, but they are largely ignored.

1795 A.D.Edit

The war over FTL technology ends in a stalemate with neither Trisaliens or Boyie coming to an agreement on its use. A joint diplomatic effort between the two species dissolves into political posturing and petty squabbling. Out of anger, Trisalien leaders threaten to lead a mass exodus from the planet. This inadvertently starts a political momvment advocating for both species to abandon their homeworld.

1804 A.D.Edit

Less than a decade after the idea was first proposed, Boyie and Trisalien transports begin leaving their war torn and polluted homeworld, each going their separate way. Although it will take several generations to fully evacuate the planet, both species are determined to establish new colonies and never return. A temporary treaty is signed, which gives each race twenty five years to leave, before the planet is nuked from orbit.

1805 A.D.Edit

Trisaliens settle on what is now Homeworld 001. Their colonies on the new lush planet quickly flourish, and grow into several massive cities. A strong military presence is established to fight off any potential invaders, including Boyie remnants and Trisalien pirates.

The Boyie settlers are not so lucky. They have a difficult time finding an agreeable, habitable planet far from the Trisaliens. Their ships travel aimlessly for years. Supplies run low, and often times, they resort to piracy of Trisalien ships.

1808 A.D.Edit

In an effort to reestablish themselves, Trisaliens revert to their old political factions. This sweeping change in government has many positive and negative effects. A caste system is readopted and many low class Trisaliens find themselves back in slavery. Pockets of rebellion and insurgents are extinguished by wealthier Trisaliens, who force many to take the Death of Roses.

1813 A.D.Edit

Desperate for relief, the Boyie settle on a planet which would become the Boyie Homeworld. Disease, starvation, and homicide had whittled the Boyie population for half a generation, leaving less than 30,000 surviros to start the new colony. Boyie ships are striped of their vital components and used to help build a small township. Gangsters vote themselves into power, ruling over a provisional government. Most Boyie adopt a life of pure survival; farming, fishing, and building simple villages. Afraid their species is in danger of becoming extinct, the Boyie population begins to explode, putting extra strain on their communities and government.

1813 A.D.Edit

A controversial act is passed which allows the Zintoniean government to establish treaties with select Millione cultures. Critics say it is a deliberate invasion of the Millione's natural evolution in an attempt to coerse them into giving up valuable resources. Those in favor argue it is the best way to establish diplomatic relations, and eventually, integrate the Millione into Zintoniean society. The Millione at first treat the Zintoniean's as gods, but are quickly educated otherwise to avoid any "cultural poisoning". The Zintonieans and Millione establish a simple kind of "trade" where Millione give the Zintonieans food and other goods (which the Zintonieans redistributed to other Millione villages) in return for scientific and mathematical knowledge. This exchange helps the Zintonieans to better understand the primitive Millione.

1815 A.D.Edit

The Crune Empire discovers the Centauri Crune, who are a group of isolationist xenophobes living is a conglomeration of cities on Empth. Initially the Crune Empire chooses not to make contact, and studies the Centuari Crune from afar. Their researchs helps them better understand how they should go about making first contact.

1817 A.D.Edit

The Crune Empire attempts contact with the Centauri Crune by faking radio messages and allowing them to be intercepted. As predicted, the messages cause a mixture of panic and debate on Empth. Some in the government wish to respond to the message; however, and overwhelming of Centauri Crune elect to remain quiet in hopes they are not discovered. The Crune Empire's plan backfires, forcing them to pursue and alternate means of first contact.

1818 A.D.Edit

The Boyie attempt to create a permanent stable government by writing a constitution. Many community leaders seize the opportunity to gain power and influence, while stopping mafia's. This power struggle leads to a widespread series of assassinations and kidnappings. Boyie civilians are caught in the crossfire. The violence is only stopped when a powerful hurricane destroys most of the small colony, leaving several hundred dead, and most homeless.

1820 A.D.Edit

Some Millione are slowly integrated into the Zintoniean Empire. They are taken off world where they are allowed to explore technology and Zintoniean culture, abeit under supervision. These select Millione are coached on how to introduce radical ideas and new technology back into their own society. Many are quick to criticize the practice as glorified brainwashing. However, many Millione, especially younger ones, embrace the change and advocate from annexation. More advanced Millione cultures are slow to embrace the Zintoniean influence, while less developed Millione reject it entirely.

1822 A.D.Edit

Centauri Crune are again exposed to the Crune Empire, this time far more directly. The Crune Empire deploys a probe which emits radio signals and contains a physical record of Alpha and Beta Crune biology. The Centauri Crune are faced with a massive political and moral upheaval on whether or not to respond to the alien signals and probe. A Centauri Crune leader called Saj Clearheaded wins an important debate, arguing "If the probe landed here, it is far more likely it was by intent, rather than happenstance. Since it did land here, it is more likely than not the aliens know of us. Shall we greet the strange at the door with a closed mind, or opened thoughts?"

1823 A.D.Edit

The Centauri Crune vote 52%/48% in favor of establishing communication with the Crune Empire. The Empire returns their communications with as much physical data about themselves as possible, in hopes it will ease tension. The plan works, and in less than a few months the first Crune Empire ambassador is invited to Empth.

Instability starts to put pressure on the Trisalien factions. Slave masters hire mercenaries to raid opposing factions and steal slaves. It's not long before they begin capturing Trisaliens of note and force them into slavery.

1828 A.D.Edit

After six years of tensions, the Trisalien factions break out into war. The Slave War, as it becomes known, is fought between all four factions. The devastating war kills nearly two hundred million Trisaliens, mostly slaves and those of lower castes, in less than a year. In the opening month alone seventy million are killed. The factions attempt to reach some kind of armistice, but an unknown assailant bombs the meeting, killing leaders from all four factions.

1831 A.D.Edit

With nearly every major city destroyed, and most resources exhausted, the Slave War comes to a bitter end. Each faction declares themselves the winner, although no victory is decisive. The Trisaliens quickly blame slaves as the root cause of the war, and force millions to take the Death of Roses. In total, the Slave War leaves nearly five hundred million dead, and severely cripples Trisalien space and scientific programs. The ruling casts, with no one to oppose them, entrenches themselves in a position of authority.

1836 A.D.Edit

There is a movement in the Zintoniean Empire to annex the Millione. The government quickly declares the Millione cannot be annexed unless they willingly submit to the rule of the Zintoniean Empire. Wide spread protests and counter protests wrap the whole of the Zintoniean Empire in turmoil. Police and military forces are called into to contain violence. In the capitol city, nearly ten million march in protest near the imperial palace. Queen Zoya calls for the imperial senate to take action. They vote, with neither side achieving a 2/3 majority.

A Terrorist attack on Empth kills a Crune Empire envoy. Instead of military retaliation, the Crune Empire leaves the planet, but maintains limited contact with the government. This simple action dramatically sways public opinion in favor of continued contact with the Crune Empire.

1839 A.D.Edit

In an interesting twist of fate, several Centauri Crune emissaries seek out the Crune Empire in a limited effort to jump start a cultural exchange. Their mission is a success, and small exchanges of culture and technology begins. Centauri Crune leaders begin to question whether or not they should make a full effort to start a space program in order to continue contact with the Crune Empire. The planet is divided in opinion.

1840 A.D.Edit

During the Zintoniean political strife a Millione leader, King Nojorikluue makes contact with the Zintoniean Empire. He requests membership in the Empire. His request is echoed by several other Millione leaders and royalty. The action changes public opinion mostly in favor of annexing the Millione. Under pressure, Queen Zoya decides to test the Millione by enacting a treaty. If they can keep a stable society for two years, the Zintoniean Empire will put their annexation to a vote. The Millione agree.

1841 A.D.Edit

On the Boyie Homeworld, a formal government if finally formed. It is headed by civil and union leaders, as well as prominent members of Boyie society. It almost immediately falls into the hands of corruption as union leaders overwhelmingly vote in favor of laws benefiting their unions. Gangs and mafias often kidnap and extort government officials.

1842 A.D.Edit

Political work with the Millione is slow, however, a large Millione alliance proves to the Zintoniean Empire they can govern themselves. The Zintoniean Empire votes on annexation, and does not pass the resolution. They agree with the Million to wait ten years before trying again. A large group of Millione travel to the Zintoniean Empire in an effort to increase cultural exchange. They return to Gnat and rally more support for the annex movement.

1852 A.D.Edit

The ten year deadline ends. The Zintoniean Empire votes overwhelmingly to annex the Millione. The Millione affirm the vote, on the condition that issolated tribes be allowed to live without contact or be subject to rule. The Millione officially become the third species to join the Empire. Celebrations break out across every world in every city.

1855 A.D.Edit

The Centauri Crune are invited to live in the Crune Empire. Many young Centuari Crune decide to leave Empth and live off world, igniting a massive cultural exchange. Not all Centauri Crune are open to the exchange. Many protest the Crune Empire, and even ban family members from traveling off world. Most Centuari Crune politicians are weary of the Crune Empire and secretly fund, assemble, and train a private army.

1859 A.D.Edit

Trisaliens begin to leave Homeworld 001 and settle other planets. Skirmishes and battles break out between the factions as they colonize. The further they spread into space, the more violent the clans become; enslaving and murdering one another at an alarming rate. They chaos reigns for several decades.

1860 A.D.Edit

Queen Sjiler is elected queen of the Zintoniean Empire. Acting on a campaign promise, she signs legislation that opens expansion. The Zintoniean Empire quickly begins settling new worlds, colonizing three planets in just under ten years. The Empire also constructs massive space colonies, communications relays, and shipyards. The swell in settlements also means a healthier economy. it is one of the most prosperous ears in generations.

1861 A.D.Edit

The secret Centauri Crune army is discovered. The younger generation is outraged at the xenophobia and hesitation to embrace technology. Most government members are impeached and replaced with more progressive, younger, generation. The political changes are so rapid, the Centauri Crune become highly unstable. Terrorist attacks and lynch mobs are common. Ironically, the secret army is the only thing powerful and organized enough to stop the attacks.

1862 A.D.Edit

Centauri Crune soldier launch a massive counter offensive against terrorists. The planet is cleared in a matter of weeks. The new government entertains the idea of joining the Crune Empire. The Crune Empire passes a resolution agreeing to their annexation, only if they pass a vote with a 2/3 majority. Campaigns for independence and annexation sweep across Empth.

The Boyie are run entirely my crime syndicates. They dismantle the government and assert full control of the population. In order to sway public opinion they offer handouts of food, shelter, and water. The buy off works, solidifying the crime syndicates' power.

1863 A.D.Edit

The Centauri Crune join the Crune Empire, becoming the third member species. There are massive political upheavals on Empth. Giant counter protests sweep across the planet. The military is called in to keep the peace. Though just a minority, those who oppose the annexation are extreamly vocal. Some even decide to abandon the planet and try to start a life outside of the Crune Empire. The Crune Aristocracy openly welcomes the Centauri Crune, and allows some rich or influential to join the government. Most are unable to, and it leaves the Centauri Crune severely underrepresented in the government. During this time a large shipyard is built near Empth, with the intent on manufacturing cargo frigates. The Aristocracy hopes this will create enough jobs and help the new member adapt to living in space.

1869 A.D. Edit

After six years living under the control of the Crune Aristocracy, the Centauri Crune feel they are not being fairly treated as equal citizens. They demand to have equal representation in the government. In an act of rebellion, workers of the Empth shipyards refuse to come into work, forcing the Aristocracy to import workers from other planets to fill the gap. There are many sympathizers to the cause scattered throughout the Crune Empire. More people begins to protest the Aristocracy, demanding that all citizens have the right to choose their leaders. Even some members of the Aristocracy agree that the rich should not have exclusive governmental power.

On Nicroniea, sever weather including blizzards and hurricanes cause nearly a million deaths during the year. One of the largest cities on the planet is severely damaged by a tornado, which cuts power to the city for three days. The Zintoniean Empire responds with aid and supplies.

1871 A.D.Edit

The Crune Aristocracy, in an attempt to quell the anger and rebellion of its citizens, begins to assign district governors. The plan backfires and support for the Aristocracy begins to fall. The economy takes a plunge as the Aristocracy freezes the accounts of businesses known to be disloyal. Two Beta Crune students are killed by Aristocrat police forces when their protest group comes under fire.

1872 A.D.Edit

The Crune Aristocracy blames the Centauri Crune for destabilizing the government. They vote to throw the Centauri Crune out of the Crune Empire. Alpha, Beta, and Centauri Crune rise up in protest. The Aristocracy sends a military blockade to Empth. For a time it seems to work, and protests die down. However, the once secret army built by the Centauri Crune is revived. They begin to arm and train themselves. Alpha and Beta Crune sympathizers smuggle themselves onto Empth. The rebellion begins to grow as propaganda is spread across the Crune Empire.

Tensions between the Trisalien factions begins to grow. They deliberately attack each other and steal technology, slaves, and other valuables. Because of their limited FTL technology, most Trialiens are limited to a certain area of space, and cannot expand further. The constant skirmishes and engagements make development nearly impossible. Factions leaders attempt to create a peace accord. It has limited effect.

1874 A.D.Edit

The Centauri Crune declare open war against the Crune Aristocracy. Many other Alpha Crune and Beta Crune join the cause, rising up against the Aristocracy in favor of a representative government. Aristocrat forces bombard rebels on several planets, including Empth and Yu. Thousands of rebels are killed in the initial attacks. The war would become known as The Imperial Civil War.

1875 A.D.Edit

Battles between the Trisalien factions reach a fever pitch. They construct entire armadas to kill one another. Settlements and villages are destroyed by massive ground forces. The war claims the lives of millions of Trisaliens.

The Zintoniean Empire develops ways to faster communicate through subspace. This leads scientists to believe there is a way to travel through subspace. Research and development on C.O.I.L technology begins. However, progress is slow because of a lack of interest on part of the Zintoniean government.

1880 A.D.Edit

A peace treated is signed between the Trisalien factions. They allow one another to settle and expand territory on a limited number of planets. The treaty also allows for slaves who had been capture to return to their original factions, if it can be prove that their bloodline had once been free. As part of the treaty, the Trisaliens dismantle their war fleets and convert them into civilian FTL ships. This helps build the upperclass of Trisaliens' power, and establishes them as wealthy traders, land owners, and slavers.

1881 A.D.Edit

The devastating seven year Imperial Civil War finally comes to an end. The death toll is catastrophic, with both sides suffering a combined one billion casualties. Entire cities are destroyed, and the naval fleets of the Crune are nearly destroyed completely. The Crune Aristocracy is reorganized into an elected parliament formally called the Crune Empire. All Crune are given equal representation under the new government. Social policies are put in place to cap former aristocrats' wealth, and limit their ability to hire private armies. In order to rebuild and rejuvenate the crippled economy, the Crune turn their focus to social welfare and engineering projects. The government also begins work on scouting new planets to be colonized. Despite their best efforts, The Crune Empire falls into a deep and prolonged economic depression.

1899 A.D.Edit

After eighteen years of economic hardships, the economy of the Crune Empire stabilizes. The government finally has enough to effort to fund scientific endeavors, including expansion into deep space. The Crune government votes to start exploring the galaxy for new and habitable worlds with the intent to colonize. They establish a charter that declares any future colonized planets to belong to the Crune Empire for the first fifty years, then be given the opportunity to vote for independence.

1900 A.D.Edit

Zintoniean scientists discover the key to opening subspace. COIL technology begins development.

1906 A.D.Edit

In an effort to curb violence between the factions Trisaliens officials devise the caste system.

1907 A.D.Edit

The Trisalien caste system is adopted by all the factions.

1907 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean government pledges to back COIL development. Project Night Sky is opened.

1914 A.D.Edit

Zintoniean scientists test their first COIL capable ship. There are many problems with the flight but it is overall successful.

1917 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire deploys the first stable COIL ship. Travel through the stars is revolutionized.

1923 A.D.Edit

Thanks to the efforts of private citizens the first Boyie space station is opened. Boyies use FTL technology to expand.

1925 A.D.Edit

COIL technology becomes open to the public. The Zintoniean Empire limits colonization. Science ships go further and faster than previously imagined.

1928 A.D.Edit

Tloyd government attempt to unite. The diplomatic endeavor is short lived.

1936 A.D.Edit

The Crune Empire halts expansion.

1941 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean and Crune empires make first contact.

1942 A.D.Edit

A Crune exploration ships explodes near a Zintoniean colony. The Zintoniean Empire demands Crune reparations.

1942 A.D.Edit

A Zintoniean emissary ship falls under attack. Although the culprit is never identified Zintoniean activists use it as an excuse to attack Crune targets.

1942 A.D.Edit

War is declared.

1945 A.D.Edit

Trisaliens discover COIL technology. The factions scramble over one another to acquire the technology.

1949 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire declares victory over the Crune. The Crune do not surrender.

1950 A.D.Edit

The Trisalien factions begin rapid and aggressive expansion. Planets are divided up.

1951 A.D.Edit

Crune forces finally lay down their arms. An armistice is declared.

1955 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire places an embargo on all Crune goods. Relations between the two empires are strained.

1959 A.D.Edit

Crune forces launch a strike against Zintoniean troops in disputed territory. The Zintoniean Empire withdraws 2 of its colonies.

1960 A.D.Edit

A neutral territory is established between the Zintoniean and Crune Empires. Both lose territory.

1966 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire lifts its trade embargo. Economic relations are uneasy.

1971 A.D.Edit

The Crune government in an attempt to consolidate the hostile feelings with the Zintonieans begin an exchange program. Fifteen selected Crune children study in Zintoniean schools. They are the first of millions.

1978 A.D.Edit

Tloyd nations send communications into deep space in an effort to make contact with alien civilizations.

1978 A.D.Edit

A famine and several global natural disasters cripple Boyie infrastructure. Many Boyies think it is the end of the world. Their economic and political systems come to a crushing halt. They will be dead in the water for another forty years.

1983 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire makes first contact with the Tloyd. The Tloyd are a postindustrial society with dozens of governments.

1984 A.D.Edit

The Crune Empire attempts to forge an alliance with the Tloyd. Negotiations fail.

1988 A.D.Edit

The Trisaliens spread through the stars claiming vast amount of territories. The tension between the factions grow.

1989 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean and Crune empires meet to discuss expanding trade. New rules are set and for the first time real economic progress is made between the two.

1990 A.D.Edit

Several Trisalien factions declare war on one another.

1994 A.D.Edit

Three Crune civilians are killed on Tloyd. Riots erupt. The Crune recall most of their people from Tloyd.

2000 A.D.Edit

The Tloyd fight a world war. Millions are killed. The Zintoniean and Crune Empires pledge to stay out of it.

2000 A.D.Edit

The Trisalien factions declare a cease-fire.

2007 A.D.Edit

The Crune Empire expands to two new planets.

2007 A.D.Edit

The Tloyd world war ends.

2010 A.D.Edit

The Boyies finally recover from four decade of decline. As a culture they never truly recover.

2014 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Science Corps ship Runner Seven discovers the first wormhole every recorded. It launches a probe that disappears and is never detected again.

2017 A.D.Edit

Trisalien diplomats work with faction leaders to find a common ground.

2018 A.D.Edit

Six Tloyd operatives sneak aboard a Crune ships and steal technology. They use it to advance the Tloyd space program.

2020 A.D.Edit

Four Tloyd world leaders form the United World Order. The alliance quickly takes over the rest of Tloyd.

2023 A.D.Edit

Boyie political leaders declare marshal law. Crime syndicates see this as an opportunity to gain sympathy by protecting the people.

2027 A.D.Edit

Under a centralized government Tloyd scientists launch the first ever Tloyd COIL capable ship. The Zintoniean Empire responds with a declaration condemning Tloyd expansion.

2030 A.D.Edit

The Crune Zintoniean and Tloyd governments meet. The Crune Empire and Zintoniean Empire agree to recognize Tloyd as a sovereign power. Tloyd officials press for colonization of nearby planets.

2030 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean and Crune empires impose limits on Tloyd expansion to their own solar system. The Tloyd people are angry and unify against the Zintonieans and Crune.

2033 A.D.Edit

Funded by organized crime Boyie cities are rebuilt. Clean water food and education are brought to the population. People distrust the government. Mafias manipulate the corrupt government.

2036 A.D.Edit

Trisalien leaders forge The United Factions of the Trisalien Federation.

2040 A.D.Edit

New Trisalien colonies are developed.

2043 A.D.Edit

After threats of war and outside pressure the Tloyd government backs down.

2047 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire discovers Earth and Humans. They refuse to make contact.

2073 A.D.Edit

The Crune and Zintonieans empires begins a ten-year mission to explore Earth. Using recruited Tloyd agents Earth is silently observed.

2081 A.D.Edit

A fleet of thirteen Zintoniean Science Corps ships is sent on an exploration to the far side of the galaxy. Three months into their voyage they go missing.

2082 A.D.Edit

A scouting fleet is sent to look after the missing Zintoniean ships. Nothing is ever found.

2087 A.D.Edit

Trisalien scout ships find the Boyie home world. They become easy prey for pirate attacks and slavers.

2089 A.D.Edit

The Tloyd colonize the planet Arkangoza. Their actions go unchallenged.

2100 A.D.Edit

While attempting to fight against the Trisaliens fifty Boyie civilians are murdered. The crime goes unpunished. Boyies build defenses against Trisaliens. Boyie crime families protect their own. Killings are frequent.

2108 A.D.Edit

World War Three breaks out on Earth. The United States of America, Canada, the European Union, and Australia declare war against China, North Korea, and Vietnam.

2112 A.D.Edit

World War Three ends sparking a technological revolution.

2136 A.D.Edit

Humans inhabit Mars.

2138 A.D.Edit

Using stolen technology Boyie raiders launch an attack on Trisalien targets. For three months they lurk unopposed in Trisalien space. They kill hundreds. To the Boyies these raiders are heroes.

2148 A.D.Edit

First contact between Humans and The Zintoniean Empire accidently happens when a Zintoniean science ships suffers a malfunction in Human space. Humans spot the ship and realize there is an alien presence.

2149 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire offers to annex Earth and Mars. Many debate. The debate turns violent.

2150 A.D.Edit

World War Four breaks out on Earth.

2153 A.D.Edit

World War Four ends with the Annex powers’ victory. Earth and Mars are included in the Zintoniean Empire.

2154 A.D.Edit

Trisaliens implement restrictions on their slavers. The restrictions are little more than political posturing.

2159 A.D.Edit

A fascist government unifies the Tloyd. They see the Zintoniean Empire and Crune Empire as threats.

2161 A.D.Edit

Despite warnings Tloyd forces occupy a nearby planet Rin and take over Zintoniean settlements. The action goes unpunished.

2195 A.D.Edit

Tloyd forces invade the Zintoniean planet Wheaving. This sparks a war known as The Tloyd Conquest of 2095. Zintoniean military forces fight back.

2198 A.D.Edit

The Calling Baker’s Dozen incident occurs on Wheaving. Lieutenant Baker and his squad are credited with single handedly breaking the Tloyd defense of the planet.

2203 A.D.Edit

The war comes to a bloody end. The Zintoniean Empire annexes the Tloyd. They are the only species conquered by the empire.

2216 A.D.Edit

The Crune Empire makes first contact with the United Trisalien Factions.

2221 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire makes contact with the Boyies.

2224 A.D.Edit

Zintoniean ships catch Trisalien slavers attacking a Boyie settlement. There is a confrontation and a battle ensues. Three Trisalien ships and one Zintoniean ship are destroyed.

2230 A.D.Edit

Repeated slavery attacks and piracy strain Crune Zintoniean and Trisalien relationships.

2234 A.D.Edit

Trisaliens launch a strike against Zintoniean targets. Crune and Zintonieans retaliate. The Boarderlands War begins.

2249 A.D.Edit

The Boarderlands War ends with the signing of the Carolik treaty. Crune Zintoniean Trisalien and Boyie governments begin stockpiling arms.

2256 A.D.Edit

The galactic arms race continues. Diplomatic negotiations go nowhere.

2270 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire elects the first Human Queen Queen Ania.

2271 A.D.Edit

Violating the Carolik treaty Queen Ania secretly positions troops on the neutral planet Brushfire.

2272 A.D.Edit

Trisaliens discover the secret troops. They launch a strike against Brushfire. Zintoniean forces respond. The Crune Empire decides not to intervene. The Brushfire Wars begin.

2298 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire wins the Brushfire Wars. The Reloq treaty is signed. Boarders limit the expansion of The Zintonieans Crune Trisaliens and Boyie. The galactic cold war begins. It will last for hundreds of years.

2308 A.D.Edit

Post war political environments are unstable. The Zintoniean Empire expands into open space.

2320 A.D.Edit

The Crune Empire grows as does the United Factions of the Trisalien Federation.

2329 A.D.Edit

Crune political extremists steal thousands of classified documents and flee into the fringes of Zintoniean space.

2331 A.D.Edit

Piracy hacking groups smugglers slavers black market informants and mob organizations gain power in the outer regions of Zintoniean space.

2333 A.D.Edit

Using stolen information to bypass security an assassin kills the Queen of the Zintoniean Empire. A public outcry demands the stop of the criminal activities in the outer planets.

2334 A.D.Edit

Queen Adriana creates the Secret Police Service in an effort to curb crime. They launch an all out war again organized crime.

2350 A.D.Edit

After more than fifteen years the Secret Police bring down some of the top crime organizations and hacker rings in the galaxy. However piracy and smuggling are still prevalent.

2374 A.D.Edit

The Helmecute Planet is discovered.

2382 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Science Corps Committee of Interstellar Life and Rights recognize Zero as the first sentient Helmecute. However they conclude most Helmecutes are not sentient and therefore non-sentient Helmecutes do not hold the same rights as Zintoniean citizens.

2399 A.D.Edit

A Crune exploration ship goes missing. Two months later a Zintoniean Science Corps ship the Autumn Fall goes missing in the same region of space. A fleet of Zintoniean ships and two Queensmen are sent to investigate. They find the wreckage of the Autumn Fall; all hands lost. Their fleet falls under attack by Sarnisian ships. There is a short battle and the Sarnisians retreat.

2400 A.D.Edit

The Blesyut treaty is signed and the Zintoniean and Crune empires leave Sarnisian space severing all contact.

2426 A.D.Edit

Ullr a rebel Sarnisian who was banished returns to Sarnisia and instigates a civil war. The war ends when Ullr turns on his own forces.

2448 A.D.Edit

Millione painter Dosharamax starts the artistic revolution a period of great artistic accomplishments by millions of artists. It is hailed as the greatest revolution of the arts in all history.

2490 A.D.Edit

The Boyies are ordered to de-militarize by the United Factions of the Trisalien Federation. They do so but not without objection. Tensions grow between the Trisaliens and Crune.

2493 A.D.Edit

The Crune Empire expands to two more planets then order all expansion to stop.

2507 A.D.Edit

The Zintoniean Empire agrees to stop all expansion into space along with the Crune Empire and United Factions of the Trisalien Federation. The Boarders of 2407 Treaty is signed. No one can expand their control of space for another hundred years.

2554 A.D.Edit

A secret Sarnisian fleet nearly invades Zintoniean space but is stopped by a band of Queensmen and an Eloth’Naka. The Sarnisians retreat back to their home world.

2556 A.D.Edit

The Moranians Sarnisians and Helmecutes push reunification. The Aarie Alliance is born again. They declare war on The Zintoniean and Crune Empires.

2558 A.D.Edit

The Moranians turn on the Sarnisians and nuke the planet killing nearly all Sarnisians. Less than 25 thousand escape the genocide and run to a far away planet named New Sarnisia. The Aarie continue a dominating campaign against the Zintoniean Empire.

2558 A.D.Edit

There is a disagreement between some of the Sarnisian refugees. A small group decides to leave and settle on the planet Lavalay.

2566 A.D.Edit

Following a campaign of “absolution” Crune and Zintoniean forces push the Moranians back to their home world Eyton and crush their war machine. Many Moranians take their own life. The civilization is brought to ruins.

2567 A.D.Edit

A large force of Moranian military units refuses to surrender and continues fighting. They disappear into the outer reaches of space.

2569 A.D.Edit

Crune and Zintoniean forces attempt to help the Moranians rebuild.

2570 A.D.Edit

The Moranian force launches a surprise attack against the Crune. They destroy hundreds of ships and even bomb several planets. Crune military forces are destroyed before they can resound. For two weeks the Moranian fleet terrorizes Crune space before they are defeated. The Moranians fight to the very last man.

2570 A.D.Edit

Crune and Zintoniean government recall their peacekeeping forces and humanitarian efforts. The Moranians are left to rebuild alone.

2575 A.D.Edit

The Crune Empire starts talks with the United Trisalien Federation in an attempt to open trade routes.

2579 A.D.Edit

The negotiations fail despite best efforts from both sides.