Conduit Opseda of Infinite Lightyears, abbreviated to COIL, is a technology used for faster-than-light (or FTL) propulsion system used for interstellar travel. One of the most perplexing technologies ever invented, first theorized by Zintoniean Physisist Hju Opseda. COIL drives require massive stores of power and a ship large enough to mount it. COIL folds space-time between two points and allows a ship to transport through sub space before emerging on the other side. COIL has unlocked the ability to create artificial wormholes and hone them to a degree of accuracy. However, a COIL jump tears open the fabric of space-time and is rather inaccurate to say the least. Laws prohibit a ship to jump to COIL inside a star system or within 500,000 kilometers of any object, natural or artificial. COIL-capable ships are generally large and intended for extended voyages.