The Boyie are a small alien race outside the political control of any other species. Although their true homeworld is unknown, the Zintoniean Empire has designated their currently occupid planet as The Boyie Homeworld . It has been suggested that Trisaliens and Boyie once lived on the same homeworld, but historical records and archological evidence cannot support this theory conclusivly. 


When the Boyie first settled their currently occupied planet, they were little more than refugees. Impoverished and starving, they established small townships and began farming in order to survive. Crime and diseese soon spread through the Boyie ecampments, which lead to a rise in gangs. In order to protect themselves, Boyie laborers and tradesmen formed loose communities, which eventually evolved into thriving labor unions andguilds. Organized crime also grew, and the Boyie government was soon run by a patchwork of mafias and unions. After contact with the Zintoniean Empire, these groups flourished and spread to different worlds. 


Crime and corruption is pervassive through all levels of Boyie culture, but it is too easy to assume all Boyie are criminals. In fact the majority of Boyie are empovrished, semi skilled laborers, who simply look for a means of protections. Unions and syndicates are poweful entities, and if a Boyie can join one, they will have a sense of protection. Boyie surnames are not family names, rather the name of a syndicate or labor organisation. If a Boyie does not have a surname, they are independent of any organization. 

The Boyie have a rich culture of food, dance, and music. Many Boyie are uneducated and live in slums, while the few powerful Boyie control most of the influence and money. This has not prevented the working class Boyie from artistic expression, scientific endeavors, and athletic pursuits; all of which can be found throughout Boyie culture. 

Although they do not have genders, some Boyie elect to represent themselves as either male of female, especially when dealing with outside races. If they choose a gender a Boyie will often times adopt mannerisms assosiated with that gender, sometimes going as far as to lower or raise their pitch of their speaking voice. 


Boyie are vastly different from most species. They have an average height of three and a half feet, with small stuby legs, clear blood, and tentical-like arms that are nearly twice as long as their bodies. At the end of each tentical is a hand-like appendage that can grasp and hold onto things. Boyie have large bulbous heads with large compound eyes and a small mouth opening that is triangular shaped and downward facing. They are hermaphrodites and can reproduce sexually or asexually, and give birth to single children. Boyie have an average lifespan of 45-50 years and are the genetic twins of Trisaliens .